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Privacy & Confidentiality

Our Privacy & Confidentiality policy applies to the use of personal information within operations at Educational Living. Serving our candidates/clients effectively, securely and as conveniently as possible is vitally important to us. We recognise that the security of candidates personal information is concerning to some and it is important to determine how their personal information will be stored and used. We understand the importance people place on their personal information and at Educational Living we are committed to ensuring that all information collected by us is treated with the appropriate degree of privacy and confidentiality.

To this aim, Educational Living:

  • collects and uses personal information only where necessary
  • appropriately protects personal information
  • enables candidates access to personal information, when requested
  • keeps information up to date, as much as possible
  • reports any breach of private data to the candidate/client immediately

We aim to ensure that all staff members, clients and candidates are familiar with this policy and their particular implementation responsibilities.

Educational Living aims to:

  • provide an organisational climate that enables the candidates to feel secure regarding their personal information
  • ensure that all staff are familiar with this policy and their particular implementation responsibilities
  • ensure staff will implement the policy and behave in a professional manner when dealing with candidate personal information

Educational Living follows strict confidentiality policies and we do not discuss or disclose any information about a candidate’s situation that relates to their participation in our training courses, without prior consent. In the event that a candidate discloses any information about a particular situation they might be facing we keep this information confidential and do not discuss or disclose this without the candidate’s consent, unless required to do so by law.