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Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges available in downloadable PDF format. Please click the link below to download

2019 Educational Living Pty Ltd Submission of Fee Information

Course Name/Stream Course Code Indicative tuition fee per scheduled hour Indicative scheduled hour Indicative fee (Government Subsidised)
Certificate I in Engineering MEM10105 $3.42 280 $957.60
Certificate II in Engineering MEM20105 $3.42 390 $1,333.80
Certificate II in Engineering  – Production Technology MEM20205 $3.42 640 $2,188.80
Certificate III in Engineering – Production Systems MEM30105 $3.42 960 $3,283.20
Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade MEM30205 $3.42 960 $3,283.20
Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade MEM30305 $3.42 960 $3,283.20
Certificate III in Engineering – Electrical/Electronic Trade MEM30405 $3.42 960 $3,283.20
Certificate III in Engineering – Technical MEM30505 $3.42 400 $1,368.00
Certificate IV in Engineering MEM40105 (*) $4.50 360 $1,620.00
Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade MEM50105 (*) $7.05 240 $1,692.00
Note: The student tuition fees as published are subject to change, given individual circumstances at enrolment, i.e.: eligibility for concession, etc.  Please contact the office for further details.
In addition, the fees are all inclusive of materials for the various programs listed.
Courses marked (*), have qualification pre-requisites.  For example – Cert IV in Engineering is prerequisited by Cert III in Engineering, the candidate will need to complete the pre-requisite training prior to commencing Cert IV tuition, or the candidate can apply through the RPL process for credits against the pre-requisites stated.  Contact the office for further information and discussion regarding your circumstances. Please contact the office for further information on 03 9769 5155.  Note that pre-requisite qualification fees are applied. For example, Certificate IV fees are $1,588.00 + $3,226.00 pre-requiste qualification fees for Certificate III in Engineering.