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Fees & Charges

Smart & Skilled (NSW) 2022

Fees and Charges for eligible candidates enrolled in the Smart & Skilled program in NSW can be found here.

Skills First (VIC) 2022

The following fees and charges apply to eligible candidates enrolled in the Skills First Program in Victoria.  For more information regarding eligibility, visit Skills First Victoria.

Course Name/Stream Course Code Indicative tuition fee per scheduled hour Indicative scheduled hour Indicative fee (Government Subsidised) Maximum Government Contribution
Certificate II in Engineering Studies 22470VIC $0 420 $500.00 $6,840.00
Certificate II in Engineering MEM20105 $3.42 390 $1,333.80 $3,802.50
Certificate II in Engineering  – Production Technology MEM20219 $3.42 640 $2,188.80 $6,825.00
Certificate III in Engineering – Production Systems MEM30119 $3.75 960 $3,600.00 $12,250.00
Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade MEM30219 $3.75 960 $3,600.00 $15,250.00
Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade MEM30319 $3.75 960 $3,600.00 $15,250.00
Certificate III in Engineering – Technical MEM30505 $3.75 400 $1,500.00 $5,267.50
Certificate IV in Engineering MEM40119 (*) $4.50 360 $1,620.00 $20,740.00 (apprenticeship)

$16,660.00 (non-apprenticeship)

Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade MEM50119 (*) $7.05 240 $1,692.00 $24,705.00 (apprenticeship)

$11,745.00 (non-apprenticeship)

Note: The student tuition fees as published are subject to change, given individual circumstances at enrolment, i.e.: eligibility for concession, etc. The Maximum Government Contribution is an indicative figure only and subject to change based on the final training plan.  Please contact the office for further details.
There are no additional fees for materials for any of the programs listed.
Courses marked (*), have qualification prerequisites.  For example – Cert IV in Engineering has Cert III in Engineering as a prerequisite, therefore, the candidate will need to complete the prerequisite training prior to commencing Cert IV tuition, or the candidate can apply through the RPL process for credits against the prerequisites stated.  Contact the office for further information and discussion regarding your circumstances. Please contact the office for further information on 03 9769 5155.  Note that prerequisite qualification fees are applied. For example, Certificate IV fees are $1,620.00 + $3,600.00 prerequisite qualification fees for Certificate III in Engineering.

Fee for Service

For all other training, contact our office on 03 9769 5155.