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About Us

Our Vision & Our History

Educational Living Pty Ltd is a registered training organisation, registered in Victoria, Australia.  Since our establishment in 1991 we have worked in accordance with our vision which is to set new standards of excellence in education and training, with a view to helping organisations grow through their own self-development systems.

As part continually achieving our vision, our core business focuses on the delivery of high quality education and training programs that target key areas of our clients’ operations. These key areas include but are not limited to:

  • Specific Systems
  • Equipment
  • Processes
  • Employee competency Standards

We strongly believe in and continually strive to help people become “competent people” through our training programs. That is why our on-site training is on-the-job training that targets the people who are directly involved in the operation, maintenance, production planning, management and, in fact, all areas of an organisation’s operation.

The training programs developed and implemented by Educational Living comply with Australian “Enterprise Specific” and “National Competency” standards.

Who’s Who

Edward Stone


Edward has had many years experience within the metals and engineering industry sectors in areas including:

  • Maintenance Engineering
  • On-Line Maintenance
  • Senior Management

Edward also has extensive experience as a senior lecturer in industrial environments as a principle of Educational Living.

Lisa Brodie


Lisa has many years of experience working in the marine and manufacturing industry sectors. The specific areas in which she has experience include:

  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing

Lisa, in her capacity as a principle of Educational Living, also has many years of experience in trade training and instruction in an industrial environment and has conducted extensive research and development of training programmes in many national and international organisations.