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Educational Living will ensure that candidates are informed of the context and purpose of assessment and of the assessment process.

Assessment Context and Purpose
Assessment is the process of gathering evidence and making judgments on the extent and nature of progress towards the performance requirements set out in a competency standard. Each individual situation is examined and an appropriate assessment strategy is developed, where required.

Competency Based Assessment
Our Assessment Policy establishes that we support a competency based training and assessment system. In order to provide further guidance on the implementation of this policy the following information is presented to define the framework of this policy.

Regardless of the course or subject matter involved, candidates are assessed through a process of evidence collection and making judgments as to whether the candidate is able to demonstrate the competencies identified as essential for satisfactory performance, in accordance with the nationally endorsed Training Package requirements.

Sources of the evidence may include:

  • training courses and/or programs
  • work experience (paid or voluntary)
  • life experience

On almost every occasion and wherever it is practicable, candidates will be provided with the opportunity to contribute to their own skills recognition through preliminary assessment of their pre-training levels. Monitoring and review of this process will take place throughout the implementation of the Assessment Policy.

The scope of assessment for any given situation will vary across a spectrum from detailed assessment of singular competencies and underpinning knowledge, to a holistic assessment of competency in the workplace environment. The balance of assessment will focus between these two extremes including the following factors:

  • assessment guidelines as specified in training package requirements
  • the previous experience/qualifications of the candidate
  • performance to the competency standard

Re-sit & Reassessment
Educational Living provides for two assessment attempts and does not charge any additional fees in the event that a candidate needs to re-sit or be reassessed for the training they are undertaking for these two attempts.