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Access & Equity

Educational Living’s unreserved commitment to the principle of access and equity in vocational education and training gives practical expression to the ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) standards, that being the goal of improving the knowledge, skills, and quality of life for all persons, having regard to the particular needs of target groups.

This policy exists to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to successfully gain skills, knowledge and experience through education and training. In particular, Educational Living aims to:

  • incorporate access and equity principles and practices in key processes that affect the outcomes for candidates/clients in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system
  • achieve equitable access for all current and potential candidates and clients to VET services and programs
  • increase the participation of people who are under-presented in vocational education, training and employment services and programs
  • increase participation in decision-making processes by people from under-represented groups
  • encourage positive outcomes for candidates/clients of the VET system by giving them enabling skills to participate successfully in vocational education and training services and programs
  • develop quality support services that enhance clients’ and candidates’ chances to achieve positive outcomes

At Educational Living, we will assist in the formal or informal resolution of complaints, whenever it impacts on education and training that we are involved with.

In the event of a situation you can contact us with the assurance of confidentiality. Each situation will be assessed on an individual basis with appropriate action taken.