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Complementary Services

Education and training is, to us, more than delivering information. It is about assessing the requirements of the employer, understanding the current competencies of the staff and being sensitive to the individual needs of all involved. In this way we develop training programs that are effective in achieving the ‘real world’ goal of developing the competency of staff within their area of expertise and as such helping organisations to grow.

Here at Educational Living we’re proud of our history of working with both business and industry; local and international, to successfully deliver our range of education and training services. We work with our clients with the common goal of growing their organisation. We fulfill our role in this partnership by providing services in key areas including:

  • research
  • development and administration of training programs

Specific areas targeted by or training programs include:

  • specific systems
  • equipment
  • processes
  • individual candidate competency standards

Customised training
Our training and education programs comply with enterprise/industry competency standards as well as national competency standards. Additionally all programs comply with the requirements of industry classification structures and meet the standard for recognised national qualifications.

Educational Development Services
At Educational Living we also offer educational and training products and services to business and industry that include research and learning resource development. We have undertaken and implemented educational projects at state and national levels. As a result of our commitment to the highest standards in training and education combined with our commitment to consult with all key players in each project, Educational Living has earned a reputation for quality and excellence.

Apprenticeships or traineeships can be an efficient and cost-effective way to train your people. The benefits associated with this approach include:

  • valuable financial incentives are available from the appropriate government authorities
  • you have a say in what your people will learn
  • all training is nationally accredited

Complementary services
Some of the other complementary services we offer include:

  • training needs analysis
  • development of training plans
  • course customisation for specific business/industry needs
  • workplace leadership training
  • work-based training systems development
  • development and implementation of work-based skill and competency assessment systems

If you would like to know more about the ways in which Educational Living can help your organisation to grow or if you, as an individual, are interested in training in the areas of engineering or management then contact our friendly staff at reception. They are always happy to point you in the right direction.