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Fees, Charges & Refunds

Educational Living will act at all times in an ethical and responsible manner consistent with the requirements of the National/State/Territory regulating bodies and ensure that all issues with regard to refunds on fees and charges are explicit, defensible and that equity and access principles are observed.

This policy is based on the premise that enrollment should only occur after Educational Living has provided the individual candidate with access to a reasonable amount of information regarding fees, charges and refund arrangements, prior to enrollment in the selected training courses and/or programs.

Fees and Charges

Educational Living will administer fees and charges in accordance with the relevant National/State/Territory authority as set down in the relevant documentation. As part of the enrollment process the applicant is assessed as to their eligibility for receiving Government (State &/or Commonwealth) funding. Where a candidate has been determined as eligible to receive government funding for training services provided, acknowledgement of this will be stated on statements of attainment/certificates/record of results as required.

Further information for Victoria is available here: https://www.skills.vic.gov.au/

Further information for NSW is available here: https://smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au/

Private Enterprise/Individual Funded Programs
For programs developed and delivered to private enterprise/individuals, outside of funding arrangements of National/State/Territory Authorities, the fees and charges will be based on a fee for service and negotiated with the enterprise/individual and Educational Living representatives. Fee for service for private industry/individual clients will depend upon nature of work commissioned, and administration arrangements, etc.

Additional Charges
Candidates may be required, from time to time, to pay the cost of some goods or materials, external activities, which are supplied through or organized by Educational Living and will be advised in advance of not less than four weeks.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Any training courses undertaken to gain qualifications are GST free if the qualifications are essential prerequisites to employment in a trade, profession or occupation. GST will not be included in any tuition charged by Educational Living, as long as the tuition meets the GST free tests, that is, it is relevant to the curriculum [Refer ATO]. However, the training courses that we provide that do not lead to a qualification will be subject to GST. All other consulting services will be subject to GST.

All candidates will be issued with a tax invoice, unless other arrangements have been made.

Change of Personal Details
Candidates must advise of any change in circumstance including;

  • change of name
  • change of address
  • change of contact details
  • change of employer (if Apprentice/Trainee)

This information must be communicated in writing to Student Services, directly.