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22470VIC Certificate II in Engineering Studies

Who is this Qualification for?
22470VIC Certificate II in Engineering Studies is an Accredited Course for senior secondary students (in general) as a forerunner to considering a career in engineering.

It provides an overview of engineering, fabricating and electrical components that would be experienced and further expanded on, in a career in the manufacturing, engineering industries.

Prerequisite Requirements
There are no prerequisites for individual units of competency within this qualification.

Program Overview
The aim of this course is to provide pre-employment training and pathways in the engineering, manufacturing or related industries and to accommodate entry into the wider engineering industry.

The 22470VIC Certificate II in Engineering Studies aims to:

  • provide graduates with broad-based underpinning competencies in a range of engineering skills such as basic machining, fabrication and use of tools which will enhance their entry-level employment prospects including apprenticeships and traineeships
  • provide experience in, and knowledge of a range of occupations at engineering trade level enabling graduates to make more informed choices in the selection of vocational career paths
  • foster the development of social and personal skills relevant to participation in the engineering industry by integrating general competencies as part of the course
    enable participants to gain a recognised credential and credits for further training as an apprentice or trainee.

This is a competency-based program.

You must complete 11 units of competency in total; 7 core units plus 4 elective units. This is usually achieved over 2 years via VET in Schools Units 1-2 and Units 3-4.

Participants who successfully complete this qualification have the option of a future pathway into the following:

  • Certificate I in Engineering
  • Certificate II in Engineering
  • Certificate III in Engineering
  • Certificate IV in Engineering
  • Diploma in Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Engineering
  • and other Engineering Qualifications

Participants may continue studies through to enrolment in a university degree, applying for articulation on a case-by-case basis.

For further information, refer to our brochure.  For an example of Units of Competency, see our brochure insert.

How to apply?
Please complete our online enquiry form or phone us on 03 9769 5155 to discuss your training requirements.