Fees, Charges & Refunds

Refunds – Appropriate Circumstances
Administration fees are not tuition charges but a partial recovery of costs associated with the enrollment process and administrative support.

Refunds can be made in the following circumstances:

  • candidates who have overpaid the administration fee
  • the candidate receives a government allowance and provides evidence of this to Student Services at Educational Living
  • the candidate is offered and has accepted a place within the first three training weeks, at a university or in training with another RTO
  • in the opinion of Educational Living, the candidate would be unreasonably disadvantaged if not granted a refund, for example, a candidate meets with a serious misadventure and is unable to continue their enrollment
  • the candidate experiences extended hospitalization or illness (two week period minimum) supported by a medical certificate and resulting in extended absence from classes
  • the candidate experiences pregnancy/childbirth

Refunds- Inappropriate Circumstances
The following circumstances will constitute inappropriate circumstances for a refund:

  • job change
  • change in work hours
  • moving interstate
  • retrenchment

Refunds of Kits & Resources
Any text books and materials kits issued to the candidate may be refunded if returned to Educational Living’s head office in an “as new” condition; defined as in a condition suitable to reissue to another candidate, as assessed by a member of the EL Management Team.  Kits are deemed complete and “as new” if all items are intact.  A $10 handling fee may be applied when a trainer is engaged by the school to return the kits to Head Office.  Refunds will be processed once the kits arrive at Head Office.  Please contact Head Office if you require a copy of the Kit Schedule.

Eligibility of Exemption from the Charging of Administration Fees
If a candidate feels that they are eligible for an exemption from administration fees then the relevant national/state/territory fees and charges policy will be applied on a case-by-case basis.

Tuition Fee Concessions
If a candidate feels that they are eligible for a tuition fee concession then the relevant national/state/territory fees and charges policy will be applied on a case-by-case basis.

Educational Living will consider a concession under the following circumstances:

  • that the fee’s collection in full would impose extreme hardship on the candidate
  • a candidate who is in receipt of a government allowance, who is aged 18 yrs or over at the date of enrolment but who has not been classified as unemployed by Centre Link (or any body that may assume the functions of Centre Link) for at least 13 weeks before that date, a concession of 50% of the applicable tuition fee