Fees, Charges & Refunds

Payment of Fees by Installments
Candidates may pay their Fees by installment.

Payment by installments will not be possible where the total fees payable are less than $250.00.  If a candidate requires more assistance with paying fees by installments please contact Educational Living directly.

Candidates with outstanding fees will not receive a Statement of Attainment and will not be eligible to receive an Award. This applies to both personal and employer invoiced debts.

A candidate who is having difficulty in meeting agreed payments should contact Educational Living immediately. Failure to do this may result in legal action being taken to recover the outstanding fees, plus costs.

Refunds – Cancellation of Course & Course Withdrawals
The following cancellation and withdrawal process applies to all Government funded and non-funded courses:

  • it is the responsibility of the candidate to withdraw from class by notifying the directors of Educational Living, in writing.
  • Educational Living will refund all payments made by a candidate if the course is cancelled or course commencement is postponed by more than twelve weeks, unless alternative arrangements can be made, and are acceptable to all concerned
  • prior to commencement, a candidate is required to give a minimum of four weeks notice of withdrawal from the course (in writing to Student Services) to obtain a full refund of payments, minus an administration fee not exceeding $200.00 (AUS)
  • after commencement, a candidate is required to give a minimum of four weeks notice (in writing to Student Services) of withdrawal from the course to obtain a refund of payments relating to the remainder of the course after the four weeks notice. Educational Living should provide the refund within four weeks of being notified by the candidate

A candidate who cancels after four weeks of the course commencing will not be eligible for a refund.

Candidates who withdraw within the first four weeks, but do not notify Educational Living, in writing, WILL NOT receive a refund.