Complaints & Appeals

Policy Statement
Educational Living believes in achieving best practice in the provision of education and training whilst acknowledging that this is dependent on critical feedback mechanisms being in place and enabling access to these mechanisms to all candidates and clients.

Educational Living defines a complaint as an issue arising from any situation within the control of Educational Living, including any educational matter, which causes a candidate, client or member of staff serious concerns or distress.

Educational Living as an RTO has a core responsibility to all its candidates to deal with all complaints/appeals in accordance with our Complaints and Appeals procedure.

In doing so, Educational Living’s policy is to ensure that all complaints or appeals are dealt with due discretion and confidentiality regardless of the nature of the situation and/or personnel involved.

The procedures in place allow for a resolution to all situations.

In the event of a complaint or appeal, please complete the Complaints & Appeals form from our Downloads page and submit it to Reception within 5 working days of the incident.