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By studying and training with Educational Living you can achieve qualifications in a variety of nationally recognised and nationally accredited courses. Delivery of these training packages can be adapted to suit individual requirements. For example, some people prefer to study on site at work, some at home and others use a combination of both. Other individual needs can also be incorporated into the planning and delivery of our training packages.

The courses currently offered by Educational Living include the following:

We offer the following courses in engineering:

  • MEM10105 Certificate I in Engineering
  • MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering
  • MEM20205 Certificate II in Engineering – Production Technology
  • MEM30105 Certificate III in Engineering – Production Systems
  • MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade
  • MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade
  • MEM30405 Certificate III in Engineering – Electrical/Electronic Trade
  • MEM30505 Certificate III in Engineering – Technical
  • MEM40105 Certificate IV in Engineering
  • MEM50105 Diploma of Engineering – Advanced Trade


22209VIC Certificate II in Engineering Studies
We also offer the 22209VIC Certificate II in Engineering Studies.
This is a pre-employment level course which is usually completed in the final years of the students secondary education.

Your Choice
We are also able to help when YOU wish to choose individual units of competence.

In addition, Educational Living will help with the construction of a personal ‘competency profile’ to best suit your educational and/or employment needs. Enterprise requirements can also be catered for as well as compliance with national qualification requirements.

Contact our friendly reception staff if you would like to know more about the training packages and courses available here at Educational Living.